Light Up Wisconsin and Goodwill Team Up to Provide Sandra Hall Apartments with Light Bulbs

Sunday, April 15, 2018 – Non-profit organization, Light Up Wisconsin, has come to an agreement with Goodwill to supply Sandra Hall Apartments, located at 4829 Anniversary Lane in Madison, WI, with light bulbs on an annual basis. The deal will brighten the inside of the apartment complex for residents without cost while reducing its carbon footprint at the same time.

Sandra Hall Apartments is a subsidized and low-income 8-unit housing community. The community provides less fortunate individuals and families with a place to stay. And now, the community will receive LED light bulbs donated to them on behalf of the Light Up Wisconsin and Goodwill duo.

The LED light bulbs will take Sandra Hall Apartments into the future of lighting. By using 75% less energy than a regular light bulb, and lasting up to 25 times longer, residents will experience an increase in lighting efficiency. Issues related to lighting will decrease overall.

While discussing the magnitude of the team up, Nika Agapov, CEO of Light Up Wisconsin stated, “This is a big moment Light Up Wisconsin. Goodwill is a massive and respectable organization committed to a similar cause. I can’t wait to work with them!”

The agreement to partner with Goodwill will increase the resources available for Light Up Wisconsin to supply to Sandra Hall Apartments. “The partnership opens up a lot more opportunity for us to give to the community” Agapov goes on to say. “With an organization as big as theirs [Goodwill], we will have more connections than ever before.”

“We’ll make sure to use these connections to provide Sandra Hall Apartments and other communities in the future with high quality LED replacements.” The people within the community are at the heart of Light Up Wisconsin’s aid efforts.  

Light Up Wisconsin’s partner, Goodwill, is also an American non-profit organization, centered on providing job placement services, training, and other programs for community members unable to achieve employment status. Light Up Wisconsin and Goodwill are the perfect duo to provide LED bulbs to the apartment community in need.

And residents are very excited about the news. Elena Golden, LCSW, Director of Residential Services at Goodwill Industries of South Central Wisconsin Inc. had plenty of praise for the charitable move by Light Up Wisconsin.

“We are so excited to be teaming up with Nika’s organization,” she says. “Nika is an ambitious individual with a kind heart and a bright future. I was impressed by the high school student’s drive to better the community. And we can not wait to get started on providing Sandra Hall Apartments with eco-friendly LED lights.”

Elena then goes on to explain the benefits that the LED bulbs will provide to community residents. She states, “The light bulbs will be a massive benefit to the community. LED lights last longer, and are more environmentally friendly. We’re providing them free for everyone living in Sandra Hall!”

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