Who Are We?

Light Up Wisconsin is a non-profit project based in Madison, Wisconsin created to help reduce Madison's carbon footprint, as well as encourage others to take stand,. and educate the community on the causes and effects of climate change.

What Do We Do?

Light Up Wisconsin sells stickers to the community through local shops, as well as through this website! With the profits from the stickers, we then buy and hand out LED light bulbs to the elderly  in assisted living, nursing homes, subsidized housing, and anybody who neither has the money nor the ability to attain them.

Why LED Light Bulbs?

LED lights or light-emitting diodes not only last longer than your average light bulb, but are the most efficient light bulb on the market! New LED lights have he ability to last anywhere from 50,000-100,000 hours whereas incandescent light bulbs (the traditional kind) last only 1,200! Also, did you know that if every household replaced just one light bulb with an LED one we would prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of 550,000 vehicles?